REGENOTHERAPY - A new, innovative, exclusive therapy method using radio frequencies to effect an acceleration of the new formation of inflamed tissue by up to 50%.


REGENOTHERAPY is a newly developed, exclusive therapy method using radio frequencies to effect an acceleration of the new formation of inflamed tissue by up to 50%. By repairing the normal, balanced, intra- and extra-cellular exchange of ions, REGENOTHERAPY can be used for the effective treatment of tissue inflammation and lesions as well as pain.

Regenotherapy was developed by the international organization „International Academy of Regenotherapy Studies“ ( located in Lugano, Switzerland. The Academy was founded as a limited liability company pursuant to Swiss Law Sec. 60 et. seq. Swiss Civil Code. REGENOTHERAPY is a therapy method for human and veterinary medicine using high "dedicated" radio frequencies to reactivate the intra-cellular ion exchange of bio-elements to increase cell activity and accelerate tissue reconstruction. REGENOTHERAPY is new, innovative, and one of the most modern, device-based approaches in regenerative medicine (without wishing to draw a comparison to current therapeutic processes) to support, accelerate, and improve the natural healing process for the long term.

The researchers of A.M.D. (Advanced Medical Devices) in Switzerland discovered already in 1986 that high modulated radio frequency signals (1 Mhz to 400 Mhz) can cause a modification of the permeability of cell membranes when transmitted at certain amplitudes and wave frequencies. They furthermore observed an improvement of cell respiration and an acceleration of the cell exchange. This results in an electrolytic balance of the cell.

The method

  • Transmission of radio frequencies between 1 MHz and 400 MHz
  • Range width: 0.15 mW
  • Recreation of the cells' physiological, bio-chemical exchange
  • Normalization of cell activity
  • Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effect

Regenotherapy affects the tissue's cell activity in the plasma membrane.


  • Acceleration of tissue reconstruction and reduction of natural reconstruction time by up to 50%.
  • Improvement of the clinical picture and the patient's quality of life.
  • Anti-inflammatory and analgesic effect.
  • Excellent tolerability for patients: No intolerance or contraindications (except: pregnant patients or patients with pacemakers).
  • No risk of dependency (contrary to some medications).
  • After positioning the device's terminals, the therapist must not be present until the end of the session.
  • No temporary therapy but therapy with long-term effect.
  • Multi-channel devices allow simultaneous treatment of several pathologies (up to six) or several patients.
  • Non-invasive therapy method.
  • Patient must not undress or remove objects.
  • No unpleasant, physical side effect, e.g. tingling, paresthesia, electric shocks, itching, vibrations, thermal effect, etc.)
  • No interference of the therapy from external sources, e.g. radiology equipment, magnetic fields, electronic devices/generators, computers, telephones.
  • Very easy operation
  • The warranty (2 years) promises immediate replacement of the therapy device.
  • Technical assistance and consultation directly from the information center in Cama, Graubünden, in Switzerland.
  • Membership at I.A.R.S. (International Academy of Regenotherapy Studies)..

Schematic presentation of influence on tissue's cell activity by Regenotherapy.




REGENOTHERAPY is based on cyclical interference modulation (CIM), a radio frequency signal (high frequency at 1 MHz to 450 MHz) that is transmitted at a specific amplitude and frequency and affects the activities of vital, organic tissue. The signal is repeated cyclically for a specific time and can be adjusted to the clinical application.

REGENOTHERAPY® uses multi-frequencies transmitted by suitable transducers (antennas), with limited signal power, (0.15 mW), which affect tissue by improving cellular respiration, accelerating the cellular exchange and the consequently possible tissue reconstruction in pain and inflammation. These effects are, for example, utilized in orthopedic rehabilitation, within the scope of post-traumatic treatments, dermatology, and dentistry.

The signal produced by the instrument calculates a modification of the permeability of the cytoplasmic membrane, resulting in electrolytic balance. In the event of a pathological decompensation, the application of these special radio frequency signals results in an electrolytic, internal and external rebalancing of the cell.

The relatively long pauses between two consecutive impulses allows the application of high modulated, pulsed frequencies with all the advantages of a penetration of radio waves without causing a noticeable temperature change of the tissue(leva P.J. 1981 "Biological effects of non-ionizing radiation", ACS Symposium Series, K.H. Illinger Ed., Washington D.C.).

The piezoelectric effect of REGENOTHERAPY on bone remodeling

The bone's piezoelectric effect is one of the physical factors affecting the skeleton's ability to remodel bone tissue. The flow of crystals created by the minerals constituting the bone causes traction and compression, which in turn creates an electrical current that affects the osteoblastic bone apposition.

In the area of rehabilitation, the piezoelectric effect of the electromagnetic waves has a similar effect, as it polarizes the collagen molecules - the main component in regeneration - and determines the flow of electrolytes (ionic flow) through the lesion. The piezoelectric effect of the electromagnetic waves accelerates tissue reconstruction (e.g. in case of removal, e.g. osteotomy and loss, e.g. osteoporosis) as well as bone reconstruction after fractures.

REGENOTHERAPY is based on this principle, but without the side effect of an increased temperature, which is typical with low-frequency emissions (type Marconi or radar-therapy) that cause a thermal increase in deep tissue. It has been demonstrated that an increase of the intra-articular temperature by 1 °C already results in the tripling of proteolytic enzymes and therefore the acceleration of the degeneration of cartilage and synovial membranes

(Adey, W.R., 1981 "Tissue interactions with non ionizing electromagnetics fields", Physiological R., 61:435 and Casaleggio A., Marconi L., Morgavi G., Rodella S., Rolando C., 1984 "Rectified ionic fluxes in an electrically stimulated cell" , Bioelectromagnetics Society Meeting, 15th to 19th July 1979).

Effect of REGENOTHERAPY on tissue

REGENOTHERAPY has an overall excellent effect on connective tissue and venous and arterial pathologies. It has been demonstrated that controlled electromagnetic fields enhance the synthesis of hyaluronic acid, which is a basic component of the connective tissue and is needed for cell proliferation, cell migration, and tumor creation.

Clinical studies have shown a greater effectiveness by using radio waves at a pulsed, controlled amplitude (max 0.15 mW) with low flux density. The goal is to create an analgesic and hyperemic effect and ultimately full healing while simultaneously preventing edema formation.

This enhances the process of differentiation of mesenchymal cells and restores the chemical/physical characteristics of the interstice vessels and membranes, thus greatly reducing capillary permeability and reconstituting the physiological, vasomotor circulation.


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